Welcome and Bienvenue!

I really could not tell you when my passion for animals started. I think that it was a gift given to me at birth and probably why my mother named me Diane, from the Greek mythology associated with wild animals and woodland.

All my life I have been blessed with many incredible relationships amidst the animal world.  They have been there through all my life as healers, partners and true friends. They all have made me a better person and brought me to another intuitive and spiritual level. I can better appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature because of all these incredible beings that I was fortunate to meet so far on my path.

After a successful career breeding and riding Warmblood horses at Pegasus Stables, my home, the Coton de Tulear is my latest love and it is with respect and admiration that I would like to welcome you to meet my Coton family.


Write down the various characteristics that are important to you and then research the breeds that are of interest.  Check your local library for books on dogs. Talk to and visit with breeders and ask many questions about the breed and their breeding practices.  Anytime a person buys a puppy, he endorses the breeder’s or vendor’s practices – ethical or not.  An ethical breeder has carefully bred, raised and socialized the pup. This pup’s family history concerning health problems, temperaments and abilities are known.  Such a breeder stands behind the pup and acts as a resource person for the new owner. A concerned breeder prefers to find the ideal home for each pup rather than just “selling” the pup.


In Canada, the Canadian Coton de Tulear Club has a Code of Ethics, mandatory health tests and follow the FCI standards. The club works in hand with the Canine Federation of Canada where your Coton de Tulear registry will come from.  If your breeder does not give you a Canine Federation of Canada registry, chances are that your Coton de Tulear will not be a purebred dog. Please check on the Canadian Coton de Tulear website for the list of ethical breeders in Canada.


Is the breeder straight-forward and  honest? Does the breeder show her dogs so that he or she is not kennel blind. Is the breeder a member of the CCTC, CFC a  member who supports and follows the FCI standards, the CCTC Code of Ethics?

Do the kennel’s dogs appear healthy, happy and friendly?

Are the pup’s parents available to meet?

Are you allowed to visit the house and see where the dogs live?

What health checks were done on the parents?

Ask about any health problems that are particular to the breed. Ask to see documentation of pertinent health checks ie hip dysplasia etc. Will the breeder help problem-solve and guide the dog’s education and future? Are the pups bright, active clear-eyed with no pot-bellies or dull coats? Is the breeder comfortable wth and/or offer to give references from previous clients?


To be a concerned dog breeder, a person must wear many “hats and be able to switch these “hats” quickly and deftly. Some of these hats are researcher, nutritionist, geneticist,trainer, counselor, educator and friend.

Concerned dog breeders discourage purchasing puppies on impulse or for gifts. When a breeder interviews a prospective client, the suitability of the client to the puppy, the timing of the puppy’s purchase and the reasons why the prospective client wants a dog are assessed. Be aware that a Purebred puppy’s with CFC registration are to be supplied by the breeder at no extra charge.








  • I stand behind my contracts and do whatever is necessary for the well being of my own dogs and the puppies that I sell.
  • I work together with the Coton Community for the genetic health and development of the Coton de Tuléar breed, as well as maintain the health of my dogs.  I am currently working with two Coton de Tulear Clubs One in Canada and one in the USA to help promote and protect the breed.
  • I want to preserve the genetic health of the Coton de Tuléar.  I am currently working on a new website to inform the cotons fanciers about Bandara.
  • My goal is to produce beautiful and well mannered puppies while maintaining a viable and vibrant gene pool.
  • I commit to health testing my Cotons on a regular basis, including a CERF examination at least every two years.
  • I commit to becoming a better breeders and strive to continue my education as a breeder.
  • I look forward to provide a lifetime support for my  puppies and puppy buyers.
  • I try my best to find the best homes for my puppies.
  • Provide the best possible socialization and care for my puppies to ensure a wonderful start in life.
  • Provide the best possible care to new litters which includes socialization.


All of our Coton de Tulear pups come with a health guarantee for six months and health guarantee for genetic issues up

to the age of 24 months. The parents have all been tested

And results can be seen on the OFA website and our website.


All pups are placed on a written contract, which includes an agreement by buyer to spay or neuter the pup at the appropriate age.

We want to meet your family prior to making a choice to ensure that the puppy we have for you has the proper temperament for your family.  We will do our utmost to help you in any way we can regarding health, nutrition, grooming etc. We are not just

Selling you a puppy. We are inviting you to join our family.


Les parents sont testés CMR, tares oculaires, luxation de rotule, coeur et dysplasie de hanches, thyroid etc. Voir nos résultats sur OFA. Nos chiots vivent dans notre maison, ils s’épanouissent au sein de notre famille. Tous nos bébés sont identifiés par puce électronique et primo-vaccinés au moment du départ (8 semaines en moyenne). Certains chiots naissent avec de la couleur qu’ils perdront en grandissant partiellement ou en totalité.

Nous effectuons une sélection rigoureuse des futurs parents, ils sont tous testés pour les tares qui nous semblent importantes. Tous les parents ont un caractère représentatif du Coton. Nous faisons aussi beaucoup d’expositions canines pour évaluer nos Cotons, comparer et apprendre. De plus, tous nos chiens de reproduction sont champions au CKC. Nous nous dévouons à la race que nous chérissons. Nous sommes membres de La Fédération Canine et du CKC ainsi que du American Coton de Tulear Club aux USA. De plus, notre Centre Canin “Cotonfield Dog Centre” nous permet de bien sociabiliser nos chiots et de travailler en obéissance avec eux.

Le tarif étant un sujet récurrent il faut savoir que les prix sont libres et une fourchette très large existe. Au Canada en fonction des régions et du travail effectué par l’éleveur il faut compter pour un chiot autour de $2,000.- $2,500 pour un chien de compagnie. Nous ne faisons pas partie des moins chers (ni des plus chers) mais nous espérons des proprio de qualité qui offrent une bonne famille et beaucoup d’amour à leur petit compagnon. Nous assurons le suivi, notre travail ne s’arrête pas une fois le chiot parti bien au contraire, nous aimons garder un maximum de contact avec les nouveaux maîtres et restons à leur disposition pour tout conseil.

N’oubliez jamais qu’un chiot est un être vivant, que ses premières semaines de vie au sein de l’élevage sont déterminantes. Qu’il sera ensuite à vos côtés au quotidien pour les 15 ans à venir.