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Il me fera le plus grand plaisir de répondre

à toutes vos questions.


Owner Breeder, Vancouver  BC



Our promises to you:

  • All parents of our puppies are fully tested Orthopedic Foundation for Animals–OFA) where you can do a quick search to see the results.
  • All our dogs live in our home, are part of our family, eat in our kitchen and sleep in our bedroom!
  • All our puppies are getting imprinted at birth.
  • Our female(s) are bred at 2 years old and older.
  • All our puppies go home with a health certificate, first vaccination, wormed, microchipped, with a sale contract and our reputation.
  • All our puppies are carefully evaluated and the family that adopt our puppies are also evaluated.
  • When adopting a puppy from Cotonfield, you become part of our family and we would like to follow up on your dog and your family.

I am the:

  • Western Representative of The Canadian Coton Club of Canada.
  • Member of the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • Member of the Canadian Canine Federation.
  • American Coton Club  code of Ethics Breeders
  • Vice-President of the WCCC and Jacob is, President.

I help my breed by:

  • Western Director for the Canadian Coton Club of Canada (CCTC)
  • Western Director of the Canine Federation of Canada (CFC/FCC)
  • Member of the Canadian Kennel Club (where I show my dogs)
  • Member of Group V and Dumbbell Club and American Coton Club in the USA.