The Coton de Tulear is all made of softness!

The Coton de Tulear coat is white and supple with the texture of Cotton, never hard or rough.  The Coton de Tulear has a tender loving look about him and the hair falling over it’s face gives him a “sad” look which is really not his personality.  His eyes are rather rounded and black or brown according to the colour of the nose.  The coat ground colour is white.  A few slight shadings of light grey or red roan are permitted on the ears.  On the other parts of the body, such shadings can be tolerated if they do not alter the general appearance of white coat.  His temperament is easy going and will adapt easily to your lifestyle. Your Coton de Tulear will truly enjoy being brushed, taken out for a long promenade and playing is his favourite hobby!  He loves to be part of your family and will be the most faithful companion and an excellent little “guard dog”.

Le Coton de Tulear c’est de la ouate!

Il a un poil cotonneux, un regard tendre.  Les oreilles du Coton de Tuléar sont tombantes, minces et triangulaires.  Les yeux sont ronds, foncés et vifs, bien écartés.  Ses longs poils tombant devant leur donnent un petit air triste.  Sa truffe est noire mais la couleur marron est tolérée.  Le poil est blanc doux et souple.  Des traces de couleur gris ou fauve sont tolérées.  Le coton a un tempérament extraordinaire et s’adapte bien a tous les styles de vie. Votre Coton adore se faire brosser, jouer avec vous et faire de longues promenades en votre compagnie.