Our Puppies

January 13, 2013

Our little darling and champion Flora gave birth to five little cotons: 3 girls and two boys on January 10th 2013.

Flora came into  the bedroom looking very excited and turning around me. I thought this is so strange as it was 10:30pm.  Her due date was 3 days later… But her strange behaviour told me to pay attention.  I waited another hour and sure enough she was going into stage 2 labour.

This is the typical of Flora.  She loves to communicate and feels very secure around people. My grandson was able to see the puppies on day 3 and she was so happy to greet him. This is Flora’s confidence and trust with people.

Flora is independent and does not need to be entertained constantly.  She also doe snot bark unless to let us know someone is at the door.  Therefore I know that her puppies are perfect for people who live in condos where you cannot have a dog who talks too much. She does never mind being left alone in the house as she does not suffer from separation anxiety.

Now we are awaiting for Vega’s puppies due on January 25th.  Following Vega, Tulea should finally come into heat. I can’t wait to see her first litter.  One puppy has already been reserved as a show puppy for abroad.  I am still taking reservation for Tulea.

Flora and Vega will have a rest after these litters.  Tulea will be bred back to back for her first two litters.  That means that I should have puppies this summer and towards the end of 2013.

I am very proud of my girls.  To me 75% of the puppies is the mother.  She is the one who imprints the pups and it is important that the mother of your future puppy has a flawless personality and health. All my girls are champions and they are beautiful…and will be champions of your love and your heart I am sure.

Diane and the cotons


December 10th, 2012

Vega, Flora and Tulea had a great summer enjoying the farm. Tulea had her second birthday in October 2012.  All her health testings are now  done and she came out with flying colors.  I will be working with Marie France Prayal of Polana Kennel for Tulea’s first breeding.  Marie France is a very good friend as well as an experienced ethical breeder with the Canadian Coton de Tulear Club and working with her will be a real pleasure.  We will choose one of Marie France champions for this breeding.  We will choose a white male for Tulea.

Flora was bred to Multi Champion  Cotonkiss Versace before he left to go back to West Virginia. Saatchi is currently showing at AKC and will participate in the Eubanuka Show in Florida in December 2012. We expect the puppies from this litter will have lots of colors. Puppies are due on January 15th.  Since I already had a litter with Saatchi, I know that the temperament and quality of these puppies will be exceptional.

Vega has been bred as well and we are expecting puppies on January 25th 2013.  Vega’s puppies are always very special like she is!

Tulea will be bred as soon as she gets in heat and we can expect puppies sometimes in early Spring with her.

We are now taking reservations on our future little puppies.  I hope that a visit to meet my Cotons will be possible for you. The well-being of my puppies is very important to me and I will not sell any puppies to families that are working full time. Puppies need to have lots of TLC to develop happily especially during the first year of their growth. If you work part-time (a few hours a day) that is fine but Cotons are not happy left alone with no attention for long periods of time.  They are “companion” dogs and have been bred to be around you and your family. I will be glad to talk to you about your needs.

If you have any questions concerning these breedings, please call me at 604-856-6627. I am not taking any reservations for “show puppies” to be sold for breeding at this time.

Talk to you soon.


We had two wonderful litters with Vega on June 3rd, 2012 and Flora on June 19th, 2012. The puppies are now in their new homes. We have been incredibly lucky to find exceptional homes for all our puppies.  We work together to make sure the transition into the puppies’ new homes goes well.  We all intend to keep in touch and to meet to have puppy play days here at Cotonfield.

I have kept Cotonfield Diamond Jubilee as a potential show female.

I have kept Cotonfield Cardin as a potential show/stud.

The evaluation process takes a few months.  It is possible that I might have one of these two puppies for sale in October 2012 depending on their last evaluation.

Our intention is to breed Cotonnerie Vega in the Fall of 2012. Also to breed Cotonnerie Tuléa for the first time.  Both female are exquisite and very loving especially around children and easy to train.  Cotonnerie Vega will have a rest after that breeding.

We have not decided on the father of the puppies yet.  No matter which stud it will be, he will be a champion and completely tested for health issues.

Please contact me if you wish to know more and perhaps make a reservation for a future. Puppy.  I welcome you to come for a visit anytime that is convenient.  Our doors are always opened to Coton lovers.